Corporate History
PSB Technologies’ predecessor, the Systems and Automation Centre (SAC), was established by SPRING Singapore (formerly known as SISIR). As a national competence center, SAC’s objective then was to help local industries improve productivity through the implementation of automation solutions.
Developed the orifice attach machine for a major inkjet cartridge manufacturer. Granted numerous awards as well as NSTB and ministerial citation.
SAC delivered its first in-line buffer unit to a Fortune 500 company.
SAC was corporatized together with SPRING’s testing and education services, as part of Singapore Government’s re-structuring effort. The corporatized entity was known as PSB Corporation.
PSB Corporation was privatized, following its acquisition by TÜV SÜD GmbH.
SAC was restructured to form an independent legal entity named PSB Technologies Pte Ltd ("PSB Tech").
PSB Tech delivered its 100th unit of the in-line buffer unit to its customer.
PSB Technologies successfully developed the αLite System, a conveying system that differs from the conventional indexing system, through the use of magnetic levitation technology. The system was first implemented for a disposable contact lens manufacturing company.

PSB Technologies was acquired by Doerfer Corporation, one of the largest automation companines in the USA.
PSB Technologies successfully delivered the first automated prescription dispening system using RFID technology for the outpatient pharmacy in Singapore’s largest government hospital.
JR Automation, a leading provider of intelligent automated manufacturing technology solutions headquartered in Holland, Michigan, acquired Doerfer Corporation’s automation systems group (comprised of Advanced Automation, Wright Industries, FSA Systemes d’Assemblage, FSA Romania, PSB Technologies and equity interests in Beijing BYJC-Fabricom Assembly Line Co., Ltd.).

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