CASE STUDY #6 Wafer Attach

The Challenge

High precision wafer attach machine

The client, a leading electronic component manufacturer, appointed PSB Tech to design and develop a machine to attach components onto the integrated circuit. The attachment process involved high precision and took place in a cleanroom environment. Each attachment of a die on a wafer had to be placed within an alignment accuracy of less than 3 microns with an expected yield of more than 99.7%.

Previously, the client did not have any machine capable of the same amount of yield within the same accuracy. PSB Tech had to consider every specific requirement while designing and developing the machine.

The client chose PSB Tech because of its commitment to provide extensive customer service and consistent QC checks on their machines.


  • • Use of high-precision, high-speed cam indexer
  • • Customised optics and vision systems to achieve high attachment speed of less than 1 second per attachment. This was coupled with less than 3μ accuracy as well as a high yield of 99.7%
  • • Use of multiple control platform and multi-station with simultaneous action of more than 20 axes to achieve complex attachment speed
  • • Use of OCR to automate the wafer map retrieval and update process
  • • Replace manual handling of material with wafer-handling robot to increase productivity and reduce contamination
  • • Flexibility of using laser curing, UV curing or other curing processes

The Result

High Precision Wafer Attach Machine

Used by leading industry players in the United States, Europe and Singapore for high volume and quality wafer attach manufacturing, the wafer attach machine from PSB Tech has enabled the client to achieve consistent high quality product.

Awarded the NTA (National Technology Award) in Singapore, the machine also provided high consistency in the maintenance of production yield. This meant that the cost of production was lowered since rejects and reworks were minimized to the lowest level for the client.