CASE STUDY #1 High Speed Retractable
Safety Syringes Assembly

The Challenge

Automated Assembly Line for Safety Syringes

PSB Tech’s client, a leading medical devices manufacturer, required a purpose built, high-volume production line for the assembly of single-use safety syringes with retractable needles of different gauge sizes and lengths.

To meet the client’s expectations of high yield and machine efficiency, PSB Tech’s team was required to consider several challenges. A main concern was the client’s specific requirements for the assembly line to produce an output of 150 parts per minute, with minimum 95% productivity and 98% yield. The line was to be fully comprehensive such that it was also linked directly to a packaging line in order to guarantee optimal machine efficiency and accelerated time to market.

PSB Tech worked very closely with the customer to fully understand their requirements and evaluated factors affecting the design and construction of a successful line.


  • • High output rate was achieved through the use of high speed camhandling mechanisms
  • • High speed parts orientation and feeding was achieved via innovative ‘Vibratory Bowl’ system. This has, in turn, resulted in high machine efficiency of >95% for individual module
  • • Specially designed vibratory feeding system for handling miniature silicon O-ring
  • • Quick change over for different needle sizes
  • • Unique vision system that enabled full visual inspection for sealing position of O-ring, assembly height as well as blocked, bent or missing needles
  • • Capable of handling flexible and soft molded parts of high surface tension

The Result

PSB Tech successfully constructed a fully-automated, high-speed safety syringes assembly line. The line comprised of four completely integrated modules - Plunger Assembly, Needle Assembly, Barrel Assembly and Buffer Module. This formed the extensive assembly line that was also linked directly to a packaging line.

The client’s customers were also assured of zero defective parts as all finished products were entirely inspected both visually and functionally inline.

PSB Tech’s close collaborations with the client enabled the company to achieve optimal operating capacity with high output and yield. This assembly line offered time-saving properties; little or no wastage; and most importantly, delivered the output needed for the client’s target market of hospitals and clinics in the US and Europe.