CASE STUDY #5 Laser Cutting
And Laminatng Machine

The Challenge

Laser Cutting and Laminating Machine

The client commissioned a machine to manufacture its new product at high levels of accuracy and output.

This machine would laser-cut and attach a soft adhesive layer onto each flex circuit on a reel. It would also carry out the laminating process using high temperature and pressure to ensure a full and durable bond.

After considering PSB Tech’s ability in meeting all of the stringent requirements at a competitive rate, the client selected us over the incumbent provider in Europe. Another key deciding factor was PSB Tech’s proven track record of providing comprehensive after-sales services; and its use of locally-available parts, which would in turn lead to long-term cost savings.


  • • Incorporation of a customized laser system with active compensation through vision system
  • • Specially designed reel feeding system with constant tension control to handle soft and flexible adhesive layer
  • • Use of multiple control platform and multi-station with simultaneous action of more than 20 axes to achieve complex attachment speed
  • • High speed Servo-driven indexing with machine vision
  • • Control and GUI via multiple platforms
  • • Flexibility of handling more than one product of different sizes and quick conversion

The Result

Laser Cutting and Laminating Machine

PSB Tech engineered a solution that was both reasonably priced and provided superior performance.

In a comparison with the machines used by the previous provider, PSB Tech was able to reduce cycle time by more than 50%, and double the original output. Low downtime and a high yield of >99.8% also contributed to the satisfactory results.

The machine was also able to achieve high laser cutting accuracy of within +/- 25µm on soft adhesive layers, and overall lamination and handling accuracy of +/- 50µm. It is also NRTL and CE compliant.

Through PSB Tech’s excellent customer care, the client gained long term saving through lower maintenance and spare part costs.