CASE STUDY #4 Kidney Dialysis Kit
Assembly Machines

The Challenge

Kidney Dialysis Kit Assembly Line

The client, a leading medical devices manufacturer, tapped on PAB Tech’s expertise to build a cluster of machines for the manufacturing of home dialysis kits for kidney patients. The systems automated the assembly of the borla clamp, end cap, and soft flexible tube into an integrated 'shell' product found in the kits.

Production encompassed a series of sub-assembly machines and a final assembly machine to form the finished product. As each machine had to process more than one type of product at any one time, the inline QC system had to be flexible to handle different product models; and be highly accurate to ensure that there would not be any error in identifying and sorting the varying products.

In choosing PSB Tech, the client hoped to achieve its goals of reducing labour and part contamination as well as to increase output and enforce consistently reliable inline QC inspections.


  • • High-speed cam mechanism for insertion of end caps into tubing enabled the machine to achieve short cycle time
  • • Consistent product quality with reduced product contamination as well as reduced material damage arising from operator mishandling
  • • User-friendly interface with quick change over for running different product models ensured the flexibility of the assembly line
  • • Fully automated inline air-leak test to check for leakage after sealing
  • • Designed for cleanroom operations
  • • Solvent application for sealing of tubing and end cap
  • • Able to cut and seal the tubing to specified lengths and run multiple products with different tube lengths and components at any one time. A fully automated inline QC process to ensure that the products were leak-free

The Result

Automated Assembly Line for Kidney Dialysis Kits

By automating this previously manual assembly process, the client was able to achieve its goals of greatly increased productivity. Once the machines were installed, the number of operators were reduced from 8 to just 2, while throughput simultaneously increased by 3 times.

Most importantly, PSB Tech’s automation solution helped the client to gain greater control over factors that are crucial to assembling these life-sustaining devices– quality, purity and accuracy. Consistently high levels of quality were assured through the reduction of human error and failsafe inspection. The risks of contamination and the mixing of products were also lowered as a result.